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Ian Burrell

As well as writing The Media Column for the i each Monday, Ian Burrell writes The News Business column for The Drum on Thursdays and is a Media Consultant. He is a former Assistant Editor of The Independent and previously worked for the Sunday Times and ITV. Personal website: www.ianburrellmedia.com

Article thumbnail: Many of the BBC’s editorial errors have occurred on rolling news services, not on the flagship TV and radio bulletins. But damage has been done (Photo: Ian West/PA Wire)

The BBC’s Israel-Gaza reporting has inflicted lasting damage on its global reputation

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Article thumbnail: Journalist Michael Crick outside Milbank Studios in London. Iain Duncan Smith, Conservative MP and former leader of the opposition has been cleared of wrongdoing over the 'Betsygate' row after the Committee on Standards and Privileges dismissed complaints that he improperly employed his wife as a secretary. Mr Crick had complained that Mrs Duncan Smith had not carried out any duties as her husband's diary secretary and that any work she may have carried out was no more than would be expected by the spouse of a prominent MP and did not amount to 25 hours a week.

A new local publishing model is giving regional titles the wake-up call they need

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