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Poorna Bell

Poorna Bell is an award-winning journalist and author who writes across mental wellbeing, women, diversity as well as shining a light on under-served communities. Her third book, Stronger: Changing Everything I Knew About Women's Strength is out this year. Poorna writes a weekly column for i.

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No one should have to explain why they don't want children

It isn't anyone's business

Trust me, you owe it to your new partner to be honest about the debt you are in

I'm finally facing up to the ways I've failed to plan financially for the future

Article thumbnail: No one can fail to be moved by the dignity and wholesomeness that exists in women's football, among athletes who have played the game with nowhere near the same resources and money as the men (Photo by Naomi Baker - The FA/The FA via Getty Images)

 I've finally learned how to open up about the painful side of being single

As a single person, I'm forced to burn through reserves I made to protect myself